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Hiking & Bicycle Tours


Hiking in Oberammergau

The region around Oberammergau offers wonderful possibilities for hiking.May it be flat tracks in the valley or mountain tours - Oberammergau offers the hiker a rich selection of possibilities.

Hiking Maps of the Area:

Maps of the Bavarian Land Survey Agency,
scale 1 : 50 000; UKL 3 Pfaffenwinkel/Staffelsee (mostly suitable for valley hikes in the surroundings of Oberammergau, incl. Murnauer Moos);
UKL 5 Karwendelgebirge / Werdenfelser Land ( mostly for mountain tours around Oberammergau and Garmisch - Partenkirchen)
Kompass - Wanderkarte

For Example :

Oberammergau - Linderhof (Der Sonnenweg)

Starting point: Oberammergau railway station, final destination: Palace Linderhof

Oberammergau can be reached by the train RB Murnau - Oberammergau as well as from Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the busses 1084 and 9606; Linderhof can by reach by the bus 9622 from Oberammergau.

Duration of the hike approx. 5 hours
No special treading capability required (valley hike)
Possibilities of stopping at an inn along the way: Ettaler Mühle (Tel. +49 (0) 8822 6422); Graswang: Fischerwirt (Tel.+49 (0) 8822 3568), Gröblalm (Tel. +49 (0) 8822 6434); Schloßhotel Linderhof (Tel.+40 (0) 8822 790)
Route: from the railway station approx. 3 km upriver along the Ammer, turn right in the direction of Linderhof (Sonnenweg) at the large bridge, shortly turn left at the small tarred road and then turn right in the direction of Linderhof. Pass by the ram farms and finally also pass by Graswang and slightly ascend on the Kohlbachweg over meadows and through forest; turn left down into the palace park just before Linderhof behind the fence.

Oberammergau - Ettal (Der Vogelherdweg)

Starting point: Oberammergau railway station, final destination Ettal Cloister.

Oberammergau can be reached by the train RB Murnau - Oberammergau as well as by the busses 1084 and 9606 from Garmisch-Partenkirchen; Cloister Ettal can be reached by the busses 1084 and 9606 from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberammergau respectively.

Duration of the hike approx. 1.5 hours
Low scale treading capability required
Possibility of stopping at an inn along the way: none, only Oberammergau and Ettal
Starting point of the hike is the Ammergauer Haus; from where you head off to your left (always up the Ammer) and always keep to the village siding shore. At the tight spot between the Laber and the Kofel you can see the bear cave on your left (with a figurine of Christ), a little path leading up to it. Further along the Ammer, until a track turns off in the direction of "Vogelherd" on your left. You cross the federal road (careful!) and slightly ascent to your right in the forest. After about 10 minutes you reach the forestry track leading you through varied mountain forest. At a fork in the road you chose the descent and immediately ascent to your left ("foot track Ettal"). Following a left bend you will find a wonderful view of the Cloister Ettal. You continue on the ascent track until you reach the path in the direction of Ettaler Mandl. From here you turn right and descent along the track to the cloister. Passing the brewery, you follow the sign on your left into the cloister courtyard.

Cycling in the Ammer Valley


The valleys and soft hills around Oberammergau are perfect for bike hiking, the landscape offering rich development possibilities both to the sportive biker and to the leisure biker.

A convenient service of the railway for bikers: in the administrative districts of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Weilheim-Schongau, you can take your bike along for free (free of charge: Murnau - Oberammergau)

If you don´t have your own, there are two bike rentals who can help you with suitable transportation means.

Bicycles: Sportzentrale Papistock: Bahnhofstraße 6a; Tel. 08822 - 4178
Mountainbikes: Radsport Lang, Rottenbucher Str. 16; Tel. 08822 - 1004