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Ingrid Unhoch-Raggl
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Swimming Pool "Wellenberg"

The fantastic scenery of the Bavarian alpine upland and in its centre you can find the "super mega water fun". WellenBerg is the most beautiful up and down, playing and having fun that you can imagine.

Adventure water slide

Enjoy the blue or yellow giant worm ...... and slide down until the pleasure ends in the water with a "yippie"! Up and down, again and again. Little kids can spend their time in the wading pool a little more gently.
Apropos children: outside the water you can find everything that makes the day a real adventure as well. A big playground, the crazy climbing frame and meadow, meadow, meadow for playing and romping

Sunbathing area and magnificent view at the mountains. Lay down on our wide sunbathing area in summer, close your eyes, breath the fresh mountain air and escape daily routine.

Our adventure pool spoils you with bubbling massages.

If you like it more actively, however, you can do your laps in a 90-metre natural pool filled with fresh mountain water or in a 50-metre sports pool.

Distance: ca. 15 Min. on foot

Cabin Lift "Laberbergbahn"


The descent at the Laber is only suitable for advanced skiiers (it is not prepared), it is albeit particularly enjoyable to these few. A cabin lift brings you to the peak of the Laber, where not only an adventurous descent but also a comfortable peak restaurant awaits you.

Distance: ca. 15 Min. on foot


Our Apartments are a few steps from the Nato School.

Distance: ca. 7 Min. on foot


What would Oberammergau be without its Passion Play - and without its imposing and almost 5,000-seat-comprising Passion Play Theatre? Although the next Passion Play takes place in 2010, visitors can discover the Passion Play Theatre in a guided tour already now.

Guided tours through Passion Play Theatre

Learn all interesting facts about origins and history of the Passion Play and how it has influenced life in Oberammergau and its inhabitants. Enjoy the fascinating effect of the monumental stage and be impressed by a backstage visit and the array of actors' unique costumes and requisites. A guided tour takes about 45 min.

Distance: ca. 10 Min. on foot

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